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White ant / termite control methods often include the installation of a termite baiting station by an accredited termite exterminator.

Chemical termite barrier solutions provide a liquid barrier using an approved termicide around the perimeter of the building. Once dried, the chemical bonds to the soil to create a white ant barrier against these pests.

There are two types of Chemical White Ant Treatment Barriers available on the market. Repellent and Non-repellent. Click here to download a Termidor Termite Baiting System Brochure.

Repellent Termite Treatments

Repellent Chemical Barriers are a cost effective barrier to install and have been around for a long time. They are a trusty type of barrier to have for the right property. The most commonly used repellent chemical is Bifenthrin.

If termites come into contact with this white ant barrier, they will either die or be repelled.

The important factor with this type of termite treatment solution is to ensure there are none of these pests in your house prior to the termite barrier being installed as it may lock the white ants into the building.

Non-Repellent Termite Management

This type of white ant barrier is more versatile. It will not lock white ants in your home and it will destroy a colony via a transfer effect. This happens because the termites do not know they are walking through a chemical so they take the chemical back to the nest.

Why use a Termite Barrier

Some properties are more suited to Chemical Termite Control Barriers while some are more suited to a Termite Baiting Station. Click here to find out more about White Ant Treatment Baiting Systems.

The factors that determine suitability are access, slope, soil type, and exposure to elements. When our pest control company’s termite exterminator comes out to inspect your property they will advise you on the best possible termite management solution for your property.

above ground exterra termite baiting station

What our termite exterminators do

There are a few methods used for installation of chemical termite protection systems across the Sunshine Coast and North Brisbane, they consist of:

  • Drilling holes through the concrete, injecting the termite barrier chemical into the holes and capping the holes.
  • Trenching down beside the house and adding the white ant treatment to the soil, then back-filling it up (sometimes the soil may need to be replaced with a more suitable soil).
  • Installing reticulation pipes around the home so the termite control treatment can easily be replenished within the termite baiting station at future dates.

Exterra termite baiting system installer

Our termite exterminator Charlie installing an Exterra Termite Baiting Station

Client Reviews

Aussie Professional Pest Control Sunshine Coast
Aussie Professional Pest Control Sunshine Coast
21 Google reviews
Jeanette Docherty
Jeanette Docherty
20. April, 2022.
Dean was very informative, professional and friendly. He explained the procedures he was going to do, in layman’s terms, so easy to understand. He did a very thorough job inside and out. And my dog liked him!! I would have no hesitation to recommend the services of Aussie Professional Pest Control. Excellent service. Jinty Docherty
Charlie Hawkins
Charlie Hawkins
19. January, 2022.
Year after year Aussie Pest Control manage our ants, roaches, etc. with a wave of a wand. Its magic. Fast, effective and good to work with. I recommend Aussie Pro Pest Control to anyone on the Sunshine Coast.
Stephanie Harrison
Stephanie Harrison
11. November, 2021.
Very happy with Ian...he & Charlie share the same cricket interests...!!!
Leslie Zeder
Leslie Zeder
3. September, 2021.
I highly recommend Aussie Pest Control Sunshine Coast! Clint and Gabe did a fantastic job on our affordably priced Building & Pest Inspection for our new house (forever home) in Pelican Waters! Great communication from them, and excellent client service, everything went like clockwork and taken care of as needed and on schedule. No mucking about, no delays and no confusion, they're the real deal. Professional, friendly, know what they are talking about and ensure you understand as well thanks to a very clear, comprehensive and informative pest report. When I eventually need a pest treatment at the new place I know who to call. Thank you Aussie Pest Control!
Daryl Saunders
Daryl Saunders
26. August, 2021.
Clinton went out of his way, contacted my building certifier who was not happy with our new extension's effect on the original termite barrier and found a solution. Life saver!
k d
k d
23. December, 2020.
Ben did our Pest Control and Termite Inspection and he was just so delightful, happy, and professional .... all our neighbours use them because of their high standards and professionalism ...... k
Mish W
Mish W
22. November, 2020.
As new home owners, Clinton was an absolute legend! He came over, inspected what we wanted done, educated us about what we didn't know (or see), and gave us a fair and competitive price. Before our service day, we talked to him over the phone a couple of times and he was so patient and understanding, explaining anything we were unsure about. On the day, the work was smashed out quickly, and we have had fantastic results. Super appreciative of Clinton's time, expertise and friendly service.
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