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Do You Have Cockroaches?

The sight of these guys make some people cringe, ever turned on your kitchen light at night and you see
them scurry across your bench into their hiding spot, if so then you definitely need us to help you.
It is not often you see healthy cockroaches during the day, if you do, it most likely means you have a major infestation in your home.

Cockroaches malt several times during their life cycle and can build up a large colony in a matter of weeks, if unnoticed they can cause a major health concern. Cockroach removal may be a necessity.

There are multiple ways to treat cockroaches from flushing them out using powders, spraying them with a chemical spray or utilising a baiting treatment to control the colony, each infestation is different so the right option is chosen for each job. For example, in a food preparation area, we don’t want to spray everything so we are more likely to use gel baits.

After treatments have taken place, you may still see the odd cockroach appear, these will have come from outside, they will pick up some chemical from our residual treatment and die in a short time.

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