Frequently Asked Questions

I think I might have termites, should I spray them first?

NO! We do not want the active termites to be disturbed, this if for a few reasons, if we know where they are, we can quickly and easily assess the best way to treat them. If they are disturbed they may retreat or they may just move to another area of the house.

I killed the termites I saw so I don't think I have them now?
There can be millions of termites in a single colony, just killing a few, or a few hundred that you see will not get rid of them, this will just make them go somewhere else, this may be somewhere in your house or your neighbour’s house.
What are the different methods for eradicating termites?
There are several different methods for eradication termites depending on the type of property and infestation that you have. Please see our Termites page for explanations of the different methods for keeping your home safe from termites.
Are your chemicals safe for my children to be around?
Yes, we use chemicals that are of low toxicity to humans and they are applied in such a way that reduces the amount of over spray. In Kitchen cupboards we use a gel rather than spray. We only use original manufactured chemicals.
Are your chemicals safe for my pets?
Yes, apart from birds or fish, we do a site assessment as we are going, we will cover up or move any fish or birds. If this is not possible, we feel it is safer to skip the direct area of birds or fish. We have not yet had a fatality of anyone’s fish or birds and we plan to keep it that way.
Do I need to empty my cupboards or move anything?
No, with modern technologies and current chemical production methods, nothing needs to be moved, we have the right equipment and methods to work around everything in your home. In kitchen cupboards, we do not spray we use a gel which is discretely placed within the cupboards.
Will your gel contaminate my food?
No. The gel is placed in discreet places where insects congregate such as hinges and cracks and crevices. It is not placed close to your food.
Does everything need to be washed after your treatment?
As the chemicals we use are of low toxicity to humans everything does not need to be washed after a treatment, in fact this would then make the treatment ineffective.
I also need my carpets cleaned, do you do this and which should be done first?
We can organise a carpet cleaner for you. We work closely with a carpet cleaner who is reliable and does a fantastic job at cleaning carpets. We work with this carpet cleaner to have your carpets cleaned first and then the pest control carried out.
Will the spray stain my walls and carpets?
No, we only use a water based chemical which will not stain, there will be a light mist residue after the treatment however this will dry and be completely invisible.
What if I touch the wet area after you have sprayed?
This is not too much of a concern, just wash your hand or rinse the part of the body that touched it. The chemicals we use are low toxicity to humans.
How do I know you will do the job properly?
With all of our treatments, we offer a warranty which means that if we do not do the job properly, we will come back for free to fix the problem, we do not want this to happen so our aim is to do it once and do it right.
How much are your treatments?
Our prices are very competitive and you will get value for money, please see our price page for general prices.
What if its raining?
We will make a decision on the day as to weather we can effectively treat or not due to rain, we would rather postpone the job and treat on a fine day than risk not doing a satisfactory job because the chemicals get washed away. Whatever happens, it will be a decision that we decide on together.
Will I see insects after you have treated?
Yes, insects will always come inside, however they will soon die as they cross over the chemical that we have put down. This is why it is crucial to use the right type of chemical that leaves a long residual for long term protection.
How often should I have you come out?
For termite inspections, at least once a year, some properties even require this twice a year. For general pest control once a year is generally adequate, however some high pressure properties may require to be treated twice a year.
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