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Do You Have Rats and Mice?

Rodents are something that no one really wants in their house apart from the ones kept as pets. So when you start hearing those noises in the roof (sometimes thought to be possums initially) or seeing the evidence in your kitchen, you tend to get ready to start a war.

For the trained eye they do leave a fairly easy trail to follow and can be treated relatively easily in most cases. Most of the time treatment is required in the roof void to eliminate any rodents.

The presence of rats and mice can cause a few issues, if running over your food preparation areas and tables, there is a high chance that they will leave minute traces of urine. They may also eat electrical wiring in your roof, this is to help them keep their front teeth to a manageable size as they are continuously growing.

If you do think you have a rodent infestation, Aussie Professional Pest Control will assess your property and locate the best place and method to treat them.

When baiting for rodents, it may take several days before they even enter the station depending on what species it is, once they do enter and consume the bait, we generally expect the rodent to leave the food and die within about 5 days.

It is highly unlikely that the rat will die in the ceiling, if it does and it’s body cannot be located, there will be on odour for about a week. We do have odour bags that can eliminate the smell if needed.

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