Don’t let the stress of Termites (white ants) keep you awake at night.

Termite Control & Protection Sunshine Coast

With the right management program for your home and building, Termite Treatment not be an issue. When white ants are found in your home, it is essential that you do not disturb them, this is important for a couple of reasons. If you disturb them, they may abandon those workings and head to another part of your home which could cause more damage than necessary. Undisturbed Termites are also easier for us to assess and determine the appropriate method of removal, elimination and control for your home. There are approximately 300 different species of white ants with a handful being of relevance and threat to our homes and buildings. The main thing is to make sure your home is constantly protected. Termites are adaptable creatures that don’t always follow the rule book. They sometimes surprise us. White ants will cross over steel, will breach treated timbers and even eat some hardwoods. Termites cause substantial damage to thousands of homes in Australia every year. The Sunshine Coast has always been and will always be a high pressure area for their activity. This is due to the types of soil and the climate which we enjoy. Having the correct management plan for your type of building is essential. Not all buildings are the same, for example, a house on the side of a steep hill in Buderim, a house on a flat piece of land in Caloundra and an old cottage on a farm in the Beerwah, they are all going to have different construction methods. This means that they will not be suitable for the same type of termite treatment program. This is why when you call Aussie Professional Pest Control, we will visit you and assess your property at no charge and advise you on suitable options (sometimes there may be only 1 option) to effectively and efficiently protect your property from Termites. Aussie Professional Pest Control specialises in Termite Management and eradication. We are specialists in Chemical Barriers as well as Monitoring and Baiting systems. Other companies may only offer one or the other. We prefer to offer both to make sure your program fits your home.

How to help prevent Termintes

  • Ensure you have your annual inspection carried out by a professional pest controller
  • Do not store timbers against the side of the house or too close to the building
  • If possible, remove old tree stumps
  • White ants require moisture, so fix any leaking pipes and drains
  • Ensure good sub floor ventilation
  • Do not have garden beds built up to weep holes
  • Don’t use woof mulch in gardens against the house


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