Do You Have Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are a prehistoric insect with a very slow metabolism; this makes them an efficient predator as they

do not require regular feeding on their prey (which includes us). They can sit dormant for months with no 
food supply before 
either dying or coming into contact with a warm blooded mammal.

If you do happen to suspect a bed bug infestation in a room, it is important to isolate that room and have a thorough inspection carried out by a professional pest controller that specialises in bed bugs (there are many pest controllers that may have never come across bed bugs in the real world). If they are found, treatment is not a spray once and get rid of them scenario, it can take 3-4 treatments to eliminate the colony. There is an Australian Standard for bed bug control that should be followed. Aussie Professional Pest Control has a copy of this and adheres to it when we are required to treat bed bugs.

Areas inspected start with but not limited to the bed frame – base – bed head – legs – plastic moulding around edge of mattress – skirting boards – floor boards – picture rails – curtain fixtures – picture frames – light switches – power points – wardrobes – bedside tables – gaps in furniture – fixtures.

Once treatment and removal has been carried out, we will show you how to detect bed bugs early and ways to protect your mattresses from infestations.

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