Do You Have Ants?

It is well known locally that ants can be a problem on the Sunshine Coast.

Ants live across Australia as a whole and generally stay outside, however when they do come inside we tend to want them gone.

Ants are a very social insect and can travel along patio’s, tree’s fences and even underground to get to their food target. On the odd ocassion we even come across them inside computers and printers.

Ant nests can be found anywhere including, trees, under pavers, wall voids, roof voids, pretty much anywhere they can fit.

Ants can often be found in old Termite workings, and yes, it is correct that ants will kill Termites, however they can also live side by side without knowing each other are there.

At Aussie Professional Pest Control Services, if ants are an issue, we don’t just come and do a general spray, we try to get to the root of the problem. If we are unable to locate the source of the problem, we can provide them with a food source that they will take to the nest, this in turn will eliminate the colony. We can then spray the entire perimeter of the house to provide future protection.

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