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Do You Have Bees and Wasps?

Bees and wasps are a fairly common issue. While generally not an issue if undisturbed, it only takes one  sting for them to become an issue.When a wasp nest is near doorways, windows or any high traffic areas, it is best to have them removed, for a small nest this can easily be done yourself using an aerosol can. Spray the nest at night then leave it for a couple of days before removing the nest.For larger nests, it is advisable to call a Professional Pest Controller.

Bees are often found building hives inside wall cavities. This can lead to a honey odour and loud buzzing while activity is going on in the nest. For this scenario it is best to call a professional pest controller as there can be a few different methods to treating bees like this.

Once treatment has taken place, you are likely to see increased activity around sunset as the bees or wasps return to the nests and hives. Don’t be alarmed, just stay away from the area for a couple of evenings and mornings and all activity will stop.

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