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Do You Have Spiders?

Spiders have been around a lot longer than us, millions of years in fact. We have a love – hate relationship with the little fella’s (and not so little sometimes).
Spiders are considered one of the pests that commonly inhabit within our homes. They are very common but sometimes people get distracted by their presence and want them out of their homes.

Spiders vary from very small sizes to large ones. And more often than not, large house spiders send chills down our spine. It is creepy to see spiders in the closet, bathroom and practically anywhere.  Although they seem to be friendly and control the presence of mosquitoes and flies in our homes and gardens, some people who are hyper sensitive may find spiders disease causing.

Also, for most people who are not very familiar with different spider species, some toxic spiders may be dwelling in our homes and gardens without us knowing. If you detect spiders that seem to be bothersome and dangerous rather than beneficial, Aussie Professional Pest Control will eliminate and control their population for you.

While generally it is not an issue to have spiders in your home, most people do not like the sight of them, and that is where we come in. Aussie Professional Pest Control will take control of the spider infestation in and around your Sunshine Coast home.

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