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Fleas aren’t necessarily dirty, but they are itchy and make for unpleasant living conditions for humans and animals alike.

Flea infestations affect people and pets. For pets it can result in some allergic reactions which can sometimes be severe including shedding fur, weight-loss and more, especially if the fleas carry tape worms.

DIY Flea Pest Control Inspection

It’s usually pretty obvious when you have fleas in the home. If you’re not already scratching yourself silly from itchiness, then you can also detect them by carrying out a quick and simple flea pest control inspection to confirm your suspicions. Checking for the following signs:

  • Fleas in the drapes, furniture and carpet.
  • Tiny, dot like insects in your pets fur.
  • Your pets are scratching, licking, biting their fur excessively.
  • Out of the ordinary symptoms in your pets such as swelling on the lips, snout/mouth, face and paws, shortness of breath or wheezing.
  • Dirt left behind by the fleas on your pets bedding mats, dog crates etc. This dirt looks similar to coffee grounds.

What to Expect from Flea Post Control Services

Flea pest control treatment and removal in your home or business can be relatively easy, but it can take time to wipe out the entire insect infestation.

The initial flea treatment will wipe out the adults, however there will still be eggs waiting to hatch and this can make pest removal can difficult. To overcome this it is crucial to also apply a growth inhibitor, this will interfere with the moulting stage of the insect larvae and exterminate all of the flea population.

Household pets are great places for fleas to live and breed, often the regular pest treatment of your pet will keep the fleas under control. Unfortunately what can happen when the pet passes away or a house is vacated with pets, is that there is no longer any flea pest control mechanism in the building, so within a few weeks there can be an outbreak of fleas.

When fleas are present, it is important to vacuum all floors and furniture prior to flea pest management treatments, if you have a bag vacuum, dispose of the bag, if it’s bag-less, then wash the dirt containment part of the vacuum cleaner.

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Client Reviews

Joel Lyons
Joel Lyons
23. April, 2024.
Outstanding efforts by the team at Aussie Professional Pest Control. The team was able to attend my property afterhours and carry out the necessary treatment to eliminate found termites. Provided clarity and direction in a time of concern, would recommend!
robyn stower
robyn stower
14. April, 2024.
So grateful Clinton came out and gave us a quote for Termites. He arrived on time and is very professional and explained what needed to be done. He sure knew what he was talking about. Clinton we super appreciate your time and expertise.
Kevin Slender
Kevin Slender
14. February, 2024.
Aussie Pest Control treated our house this morning. We have used them before, and once again, found them professional and efficient. Gabe made booking this service easy, and Will arrived on time and treated our home, inside and out, very thoroughly. I would have no hesitation in recommending "Aussie Pest Control".
Lucy Whitehill
Lucy Whitehill
9. February, 2024.
Cannot fault this service! Gabe was prompt on email to set up the time and date and didn't try to upsell the service that I needed. Ben was on time and I just left him to it! No dramas at all. So easy. Good value. Highly recommend.
John Tobin
John Tobin
21. December, 2023.
Great customer service and friendly staff Highly recommended
Ryan Mollaun
Ryan Mollaun
14. November, 2023.
Clint was on time, efficient and very generous with his time. Much appreciated checking what we thought to be termites in our Pandanis (a case of Black ants). Highly recommended.
Violet Fields
Violet Fields
24. September, 2023.
Excellent service from the team and good price. Ben was our man and very thorough and informative when doing both a termite inspection as well as doing a barrier treatment.Would recommend them every time 😊
Terry Hornby
Terry Hornby
14. June, 2023.
An outstanding service from a quality company. We have been using Aussie Professional Pest control company for several years and can recommend them highly. A great team (shout out to Ben, the nicest technician you can hope to meet).
peter sebesta
peter sebesta
17. May, 2023.
Clinton is someone who can walk the talk, to deliver a professional, efficient, and, good service. He comes highly recommended.
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