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Do You Need Flea Pest Control?

Fleas aren’t necessarily dirty, but they are itchy !!

Flea control and removal in your home or business can be relatively easy, but it can take time to wipe out the entire insect infestation.

The initial flea treatment will wipe out the adults, however there will still be eggs waiting to hatch and this can make pest removal can difficult. To overcome this it is crucial to also apply a growth inhibitor, this will interfere with the moulting stage of the insect larvae and exterminate all of the flea population.

Household pets are great places for fleas to live and breed, often the regular pest treatment of your pet will keep the fleas under control. Unfortunately what can happen when the pet passes away or a house is vacated with pets, is that there is no longer any flea pest control mechanism in the building, so within a few weeks there can be an outbreak of fleas.

When fleas are present, it is important to vacuum all floors and furniture prior to flea pest management treatments, if you have a bag vacuum, dispose of the bag, if it’s bag-less, then wash the dirt containment part of the vacuum cleaner.

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