When a home is invaded by an army of ants, you, as the homeowner, will quickly become aware of this frustrating fact because ants get into everything, and they aren’t shy about making their presence felt.

You might have opened your kitchen pantry door to find ants all through your food, or maybe you were just walking through your bedroom and had ants drop on you from the ceiling, or perhaps you came home one day, opened the front door and found ants congregating on ALL your surfaces – walls, ceiling, floor, countertops, and tables.

No matter what sort, or what level, of ant infestation your property is suffering from, our ant exterminators have highly effective ant removal solutions. Contact Aussie Pest Control, we can fix the problem quickly and effectively for an affordable price.

House Ant Removal on the Sunshine Coast

One of our ant exterminators recently entered a house after the owner rang saying there was an ant infestation problem throughout the ENTIRE home. They warned our exterminator it was quite bad and they should take a camera with them. When our exterminator walked into their house, they could not believe what they were seeing.

There were ants EVERYWHERE – in the fridge (it was thankfully empty as no-one had lived there for a few months), all over the arched cathedral ceilings, the benches, the walls – everywhere!

After collecting himself, our ant pest controller went to work hunting down the source of the infestation. This was no small feat as anything he touched or leaned upon was covered in ants which then transferred onto his clothing, and, when he wasn’t touching something, the insects would be falling on him from the ceiling.

Our Aussie Pest exterminator found the source of the problem and distributed the ant treatment solution.  The ant pest control was a success – once the treatment gel took effect in the nest the poison quickly spread throughout the colony, eliminating it and leaving the home ant-free once more.

What Ant Pest Control Solution was Used?

Our ant pest controller started by dispersing Termidor ant treatment gel around the house perimeter. Termidor is the best option for this specific case as it is not a repellent, so the ants continue crossing over the Termidor chemical barrier for a few days, ingesting the poison.

Then, our exterminator treated the inside of the home using a couple of different techniques which included a combination of powder, gel and residual chemical spray. This is when he saw the extent of the infestation with ants just erupting out from every nook and cranny in total chaos.

Do you need Ant Control?

There are quite a few different ways to exterminate ants and protect your home long-term from these insects. When you call an ant exterminator from Aussie Pest Control they come out to assess the building and the level of infestation suffered to tailor the most effective workplace, or house, ant removal solution to achieve optimum results