Ever walked inside your home to find you have been invaded by ants, opened the pantry to find you are sharing your food with ants, walked around the house and have ants drop on you from the ceiling, if so, don’t panic we can fix the problem for you.

I recently entered a house after they called me saying there was an ant infestation problem throughout the house. They did warn me it was quite bad and I should have a camera with me. I walked into the house and I could not believe what I was seeing, ants through the fridge (it was empty as no-one had lived there for a few months) ants all over the cathedral ceilings, all over the benches and walls. In fact, if I leaned on something I would end up with ants on me. If I wasn’t touching something, they would be falling from the roof onto me.

The Professional Ant Control Solution

I started with a perimeter professional ant treatment using Termidor, this was going to be the best option for this case as it is not a repellent so these pests would continue crossing over it for a few days. I then treated the inside using a couple of different techniques, a combination of Powder, Gel and residual spray. This is when I saw the extent of the infestation with ants just erupting in total chaos.

The ant treatment has been successful.

There are quite a few different ways to exterminate ants and to protect your home from ant invasions. When you call us, our ant exterminator team does not use a one size fits all ant pest control treatment, our local exterminators will assess the building and scenario and use the ant removal method and chemical that will give the best result for your home.

Types of ant control consist of the following:

Gel/solid food source – this is a food source for ants and relies on the ants feeding on the gel and taking the ant poison back to the nest, it is very effective, but with large nests or multiple nests, it can become very expensive.

Granules/sand – this method involves putting the product that has the chemical in it, in cracks and over pavers which will keep the ants away or kill the ants when they come in contact with it (not instantly).

Repellent Chemical sprays – this method relies on creating a full repellent chemical ant control barrier around the house externally and internally, it relies on the ants not wanting to cross the barrier, when using this method, it is crucial to ensure the barrier is adequate with the correct amount of chemical used for it to be effective.

Non-repellent chemical sprays – similar to what was used in the example above, this method allows the ants to cross over the chemical freely and take it back to the nest, once it has taken effect, it may wipe out the entire colony, using this method can be extremely effective for ant removal from lawns as well.

If you still have an ant pest problem and you need them gone, contact our local ant exterminator team today!