Pre-Purchase Pest & Termite Inspection Sunshine Coast

Are You Looking at Buying a Property?

Worried about Building problems with an existing house?

Concerned about Termites?

A small cost for the Building and Pest Inspection can potentially save you Thousands of dollars in hidden problems.

Call Aussie Pest Control For our combined

Sunshine Coast Building and Pest Inspection



Aussie Pest Control can arrange your Sunshine coast building and pest Inspections, having 2 professionals on the job instead of 1 will increase the likely hood of finding issues. all our inspectors are fully certified in their inspections fields. 

All reports are computer generated with photos where required, Aussie Pest Control building and pest inspections cover the full property inside and outside, roof voids, subfloors, sheds and grounds.

Are You Worried about its Pest and 

Termite History?

Do you require a Pre-Purchase Pest and Termite Inspection?

Do you know that Termites are a major concern in Australia with 1 in 4 properties having Termites over its life? If left undetected or untreated, Termites can potentially cause thousands of dollars damage to a home and in some cases, destroy an entire building.

At Aussie Professional Pest control, we can carry out a Termite Inspections for you at the highest of quality and workmanship ensuring you can be confident that your home is Termite free. Call today on 54433035!

Do you know that we can arrange for the Termite Inspection and the Building Inspection for your Sunshine Coast property?

Building and Pest Inspections Sunshine Coast

Our inspectors at Aussie Professional Pest Control will ensure that your future home is Termite free, if we do find Termites, we will give you full details of what would be required to treat them as well as making the home safe. Just because we find Termites does not mean you need to cancel the purchase of your home or rental property.

The equipment we use is the latest technology available from moisture reading, microwave signals to detect movement and thermal detecting for variation in temperature within the wall cavities.

After the inspection, if you are onsite with us, we will discuss any issues that may have arisen and these will also appear in your report. We will take photos of any problem areas. We will provide you with a full written report that is easy to read and understand.

You will receive:

  • A full written report in easy to read terms
  • Colour photos of problem areas
  • Inspection to the highest of standards
  • An inspector that will get into areas beyond what the Australian Standard requires
  • A friendly face to talk to after the inspection to highlight any problems
  • All questions answered to your satisfaction

Call us today to arrange your building and termite inspection 54433035