Caloundra Pest Control

If pests are your problem, wherever you are in Caloundra be sure that Aussie Professional Pest Control service will be there to help you out.

We manage all types of pest infestation and control them in a personalized treatment system. We recognize that every situation is different from one another. With our reliable and professional approach, pests will not bother you ever again.

Some of the major pests we deal with are:


Termites (white ants) are major home destroyers. We specialise in termite control and eradication.

A number of Caloundra homes are destroyed by termites every year and prevention is a must.

White ants eat through timber and can destroy a home significantly if left unnoticed or untreated.

What can you do to help prevent termite invasion? Have an annual termite inspection by a professional pest control service provider. Remove old stumps of trees that are near your home. White ants love moisture and so make sure that your pipes and drains do not have leakages that may attract them. Do not store timber against the side of your house or too near to it.


Rodents do not only create annoying noises on the roof and ceiling, they can cause damage to property and often carry diseases.

They love to gnaw on electrical wirings and furniture. Rodents in your kitchen can pose a health threat to your family. They may leave traces of urine and bacteria on counters, tables, and even utensils.

If you have rat infestation in your home, office, or any commercial building, we will make a complete assessment of your area, locate their nests and create the best treatment plan to eradicate them.


Nobody likes seeing roaches running around the kitchen, bathroom or any other place for that matter. Eradication of cockroaches involves using powders, chemical sprays, and gel baits. Depending on the location of the infestation, we’ll carefully devise the correct treatment.

Aussie Professional Pest Control offers affordable interior and exterior services, utilizing environment friendly treatment methods that are safe for the family, pets, and the environment. We’ll create for you a continual pest management program to make sure that pests never come back.

Whatever pest you are dealing with, we will take care of all your pest problems in Caloundra. They are experts in locating pest nests and using the best environment friendly methods in treating pests and eliminating them. For a quality pest control services in Caloundra, simply contact us today and we will not only control but manage the presence and the tendency for the pests to come back.