Termite Inspection Example - 25 November 2015
How To Get Rid of Ants - 03 November 2014
Ever walked inside your home to find you have been invaded by ants, opened the pantry to find you are sharing your food with ants, walked around the house and have ants drop on you from the ceiling, if so, don’t panic we can fix the problem for you. I recently entered a house after... Read More
Don’t let treated timbers fool you into thinking you are safe. I went into a house with 5 foot treated timber poles and a cypress pine frame (termites won’t eat cypress pine), the  Read More
Termite Galleries - 03 November 2014
The fact is that Termites are usually very hard to see right up until they have had a considerable impact on a building. At this point, you will be able to easily penetrate affected walls, as it’s not uncommon for Harmful termites to eat wood right until they make contact with the... Read More