Nambour Pest Control

If you are living in Nambour and you are suffering from pest invasion, Aussie Professional Pest Control will make life easier for you and create a pest-free home for you and your family.

Most Nambour homeowners complain about having different kinds of pests in their homes that if not causing annoying and disturbing presence have the ability to cause mild to serious skin infections and diseases.

Aussie Professional Pest Control handles any type of pest control and formulates pest management programs in Nambour. Treatment of several pests including termites, ants, rodents, cockroaches, spiders, silverfish, and bed bugs are their specialty.

Termites are one of the main problems of homeowners. These pests eat through wood panels, floor boards, walls, and ceilings. They can even destroy termite treated timbers. Aussie Professional Pest Control will create a termite management and eradication system that is suitable for your home.

They are experts in locating termite nests and using termite chemical barriers, monitoring and baiting to stop if not prevent significant termite damages to your home.

Having the correct termite management plan for your type of home or building will greatly help in the prevention of these pests from coming back and create more building and property damage. Thus it is necessary to have a professional pest controller to asses and do the treatment for you.

Ants more often than not disturb homeowners with their presence. Once these insects get inside homes or form a permanent habitat in lawns and gardens, they become pests that are perfectly annoying. Not only that their bites are frustrating, they get to limit us from enjoying our own spaces too.

Often, insect sprays are not enough to eliminate the colony. They will eventually come back and cause more havoc. Aussie Professional Pest Control will locate the nest or provide food source for the ants to take back to their nest. Tracing them, destroying the nest, eliminate the colony and applying a barrier around the house to stop other ants form coming.

One of the most bothersome insects is the bed bugs. Bed bugs are highly efficient predators that can live for months without food. They prey on mammals including us and their favorite spots are the areas around our beds. Bed bugs are hard to detect thus, a professional pest controller is required to do the assessment.

Bed legs, frame, mattress, headboard, and base are some of the areas that is usually inhabited by these pests. They can also be seen on floor boards, picture frames, curtain rods, inside closets, and creeps in between furniture gaps. You don’t want to be their feast so if you think you have bed bugs inside your room, immediately call for a professional bed bug controller.

If there should one pest you don’t ever want to be lurking around your house it would be the cockroaches. It is never healthy to see these pests running across your rooms especially the kitchen area. These pests may crawl on the table, kitchen utensils and even food and you and your family doesn’t want to ingest the bacteria, dirt and other nasty stuff that these pests bring with them.

Cockroaches multiply fast in weeks and they always build a large colony. Even if you have a minimal infestation still it is necessary to stop them from growing if you want to safeguard the health of your family.

Aussie Professional Pest Control can do several treatments depending on the size of the colony and the locations of infestations. Powders, sprays, and baits are the common ways to control their presence and growth.

These pests and other bothersome ones create nests inside and outside structures like homes and buildings and most of them create serious damages. Aussie Professional Pest Control with their expertise and specialist treatment will provide the best environment friendly treatment system to rid your homes with harmful and destructive pests.


For a quality pest control services in Nambour, simply contact us today and we will not only control but manage the presence and the tendency for the pests to come back.