Termites Attack on Rainy Sunshine Coast

Posted by admin - April 12, 2012 - Latest News - No Comments

The home destroyers during the rainy season aren’t the rain. It’s the termites.

Aussie Pest Control has been coming to aid to homeowners from Caloundra to Noosa whose homes were greatly affected by termite activities and caused huge destructions.

Although it’s been raining a lot, the rain isn’t the one causing the destruction of Sunshine Coast homes. Termites are the culprits.

Rain invites termites to climb on higher ground on rainy seasons. And since rain washes away the soil around the homes, the termite treatment chemicals are also washed away, causing for the termite activities to rise. Meaning, even termite treated homes are affected by termite invasion.

Older homes are also more prone to termite invasion since the chemical barriers are already degraded. Buderim and Mountain Creek are among the most affected areas within Sunshine Coast.

Most homeowners only discover small affected areas but only to find out that a widespread invasion was already done in other areas of their homes.

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